・Originally from Tarumi-ku, Kobe, now resident in Miyama-cho, Nantan,
 Kyoto Pref.
・Graduated with degree in philosophy from Otani University, Kyoto
 Commenced thatcher apprenticeship at Miyama-cho building company
 immediately after graduating Studied under master craftsmen Shuichi Yamauchi and Tatsunosuke Yamazaki
・Started to live in thatched house in Miyama-cho that was later placed on the ¨listed building register¨
・Received grant from Mos Burger to visit UK in 1997 in order to train with Cotswold & Chiltern Master Thatchers LTD
・Came back to Japan and honed skills under veteran craftsmen nationwide
・Established Nishio Supplies Co., Ltd. in 2007
 In addition to thatching, commenced providing data on house renovation and thatch real estate
・Commenced retail of Asian thatch ¨Bahay Kubo¨
・Formed a ¨thatch renovation fund¨to restore abandoned thatched properties using method known as securitization of real estate.
 Acquired pilot property in Miyama-cho in 2008 to test out above method
・Currently applying for international patent for ¨fireproof net¨that will make feasible
 the construction of new thatch properties that conform to Construction Standard Law

Grade-2 architect
Real estate transaction specialist
Green tourism instructor
Interpretive designer
Full member of Japan Minka Reuse & Recycle Association
¨Shodan¨in soba making