*Info on Thatched Properties for Sale*

Location   Miyama-cho Kyoto pre
Price     9,800,000 yen
Site areaLot 256.225㎡(iresidential land Aother uses)
Thatched single-storied building constructed of wood and covering 57.52㎡

This is the only "gkabuto-tsukuri" (helmet structured) thatched property in Miyama!

Bay windows incorporated into the property illuminate attic - which is usually pitch-dark in thatched properties in Japan - to enable effective use of that space.

The property fronts onto a road leading into the heart of Miyama, making it suitable for use as business premises.

Note that the interior of the property requires major restoration work.

Yaneharu is available to continue providing backup services for both roof and building after purchase.

Tel: +81-(0)771-75-5088